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Heal The Last Stand to play Glastonbury

Last week in Wrexham we met up with Heal The Last Stand as they were preparing for their fourth outing at Focus Wales. The Wrexham-based band performed twice at the festival and were able to add the gigs to their fairly healthy musical CV. It won’t be Heal The Last Stand’s first Glastonbury outing as … Continue reading

Sandbach Transport Festival

This year’s Sandbach transport festival took place across a sunny weekend with the Sunday parade being well attended across the town. Originally founded to display the town’s transport giants Fodens and ERF the festival is one of the first major events in the Sandbach calendar. The Saturday is reserved for the more unusual cars including … Continue reading

The Maydays – 2007’s indie with a 2014 twist.

It’s not too often that you listen to a band and think that you should go back and give their tracks another listen. Yet somehow the Maydays Googlewhack makes you want to go and explore them some more, it starts off well considering a song with such an obscure name sticks with you. A mixture … Continue reading

Victorian Hardware: The Black Commute

Victorian Hardware’s The Black Commute is a tranquil yet sometimes melancholy synthesizer album. The album has a mix of tones and sounds that have been developed since Victorian Hardware was a teenager across in Ireland. A mixture of innocent, almost naive sounds and strong synthesizer The Black Commute was Victorian Hardware’s first album before the 2013 release Muckyland. … Continue reading

Crewe & Nantwich RUFC Promoted

On a rainy day at the Vagrants a strong first half saw the home side promoted to their highest ever league. The home team started strongly with the wind in their favour but it soon became clear the the weather would have a strong say in the outcome of the play-off match. Crewe & Nantwich took … Continue reading

Preview: The Hedge Gods

Describing themselves as “contemporary acoustic dance fusion” specialists the Hedge Gods will be taking place at the Leader Stage in Queen’s Square Wrexham, Saturday April 26. The three-piece band specialise in more relaxed dance music that will make the listener want to move, whether it’s in the streets of Wrexham or in your home listening … Continue reading

Saturday At Focus: What’s On!

As we reach the final day of Focus Wales, Wrexham will once again be bustling with bands, musicians and more. The four-day festival has this year been spread across 16 stages and will see more than 150 bands perform in a unique spread of venues including pubs, the University and the now famous Saint Giles’ … Continue reading

Interview: The Bluebottle Veins

Tell us about the Bluebottle Veins and the style of music you play. Gareth Jones (Guitar / Vocals): The band’s been going for about two years now. We sort of play Indie Blues Rock, that’s probably the closest description. Steven Owen (Bass): I don’t think you need the Indie really. I reckon it’s just Blues … Continue reading

Interview: Aled Rheon

You’re from Cardiff? Is this your first time in Wrexham? Yeah, I’m having a really good time in Wrexham. It’s my first time in Wrexham. Tell us about what it means to be involved in something like Focus Wales. It’s great to be involved in Focus Wales. It’s a showcase of great talent from all … Continue reading

Interview: Little Arrow

Little Arrow were back again to Focus Wales having last year played at the infamous Saint Giles’ Church. Needing a last minute alteration to their appearance Little Arrow played in front of the Catrin Finch Centre. The band were due to play at Central Station but members Will Hughes and Callum Duggan had to attend … Continue reading