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Musicians need a “PhD in Google Analytics”


Smaller Independent musicians can make money utilizing Spotify says Bryan Johnson. Speaking at Focus Wales, Johnson said that “whether it’s 10, 100, or 100 sales any artist can make money from Spotify”.

The Spotify artists pages can now link through to merchandise sales allowing the smaller artists to get themselves out there.

Spotify can also be used to generate an audience and recently E4’s Made In Chelsea have been opting to use independent artists crowd sourced through the music platform. The Focus Wales panel also heard that independent artists struggle to get to grips with their distribution by looking at Google analytics.

Due to the complexities in getting to grips with their audience musicians can use tools such as Bandwagon, argued Stan McLeod.

He argued that such tools mean that musicians don’t need a “PhD in Google Analytics” to organise their gigs and that they would be able to see patterns in their audience and target specific parts of the country in which they would be able to make more money as opposed to touring aimlessly.

Bandwagon is a free music service available to both musicians and promoters however for £8 per month there is a premium service.

Musicians must also look after the various forms of licensing they have and be wary that each country may have a different way of copyright and as such they should look to protect their material.

Simon Pursehouse told the Glyndwr Catrin Finch Centre how one of his artists, signed up to Sentric music, was able to use the platform, along with their own backing from sites such as Spotify to find themselves played as background music to Made In Chelsea.

Sentric Music is a publishing service that helps small independent musicians get to grips with the various forms of copyright and to make sure that, wherever they travel and perform their music is not liable to be copied.

One band member, Laura Dickenson, from Heal the Last Stand, who are performing at Focus Wales, went to the panel and said that bands utilize the platforms but panels like these give more scope for performers to interact with the people behind the applications.

Laura said: “Yeah, they really are I mean we all use these platforms already like Spotify, Sentric, Bandwagon, and if you’re a new band then you really have to use all that sort of stuff, what sitting at home on the computer can’t do is answer your questions.”


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