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Effi performs at Focus Wales


Austrian singer Effi, today, performed at Glyndwr University’s Catrin Finch Centre as part of the Focus Wales performances. Effi was delighting the crowd with an eclectic mix of guitar, ukulele, and kazoo performed in a uplifting way just before the key note address from Alan McGee.

Effi had never been to the UK before and became involved with Focus Wales after Cardiff-based singer Sion Russel Jones, who also performed at today’s panel session, played alongside the singer on his European tour.

Having only just arrived in the UK recently Effi said “I have’t seen much of the UK, I’ve only really seen the university, I will check the venues out and see some of the bands later”.

He described his unique brand of uplifting music as electronic, folk and pop. He added “they should have a good feeling when they listen to my music, they should think, they should have things to think of and they should take the good positive vibes from my music”.

However Thomas, the man behind Effi has not always been on track to be an international musician, he could have been an international in a completely different field.

“Actually it came when firstly I did not want to make music, I was into football and I was about to become a footballer actually before I decided to become a musician.

“I don’t even know why I’m doing it it’s just a feeling to do it. I started learning to play the guitar when I was six and I quit playing guitar when I was seven. I then started playing in a school band and started playing on my own and wrote some songs.”

On his first time in the UK Effi was one of the later performers of the day and having arrived in Cardiff yesterday said he was looking forward to learning more about the UK music scene and learning from the other bands.

If you want to find out more about Effi then you can find him on https://myspace.com/effimusic/music/songs alternatively on Twitter @EffiMusic

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