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Heal The Last Stand – Focus veterans.

Heal The Last Stand could well be considered Focus Wales veterans now. The Wrexham-based quartet have now played each and every Focus Wales and in 2013 they performed on the Small World Stage in Glastonbury.

The band’s influences hail from West American folk music and Americana. Their message can be clearly heard as one of peace and understanding in an uplifting and delightfully catchy way.

Their musical style almost catapults you back to the freedom of the 1960s and 70s were the folk-rock movement and peace were almost considered to be more popular.

They have also been featured on BBC Radio Wales with their uplifting and catchy song The Gathering.

Heal The Last Stand will be hoping to utilize Focus Wales as a way of getting to know more local musicians and explained how it’s equally as important to get the idea of how other bands go about their performance as getting the industry advice.

Laura Dickenson, singer-guitarist, said: “You have to have diversity in anything really and it inspires each of the bands to think about that. I saw a band last night called Blood Flower and the lead singer had two microphones, I thought why don’t I have two microphones.

“It’s nice to make friends who are the same level as you in the industry, maybe doing a bit better and so that you can learn from them.”

It’s not Laura’s first Focus either as the Wrexham-based singer has been at every Focus since its inception in 2010.

“It’s the best week of the year without a doubt” adds Laura, “never before have people come to town and seen what we who live here have seen about it, it’s incredibly friendly and a hot-bed of talent and people all over the world see that”.

As a Wrexham girl Laura feels proud to be part of Focus and enjoys the chance to make friends with people all over the world including countries like Canada as well as getting the chance to experience the music scene abroad.

Heal The Last Stand formed in 2007 and the band share a special bond. Three of the members – Laura, Joey, and Stan are siblings and the fourth member Thom is a close friend of the trio.

The band will be releasing an album later this month. For more information about Heal The Last Stand visit their website: http://healthelaststand.com/ or follow them on Twitter.


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