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Interview: Cara Hammond

Welsh Singer Cara Hammond is preparing for her third year at Focus Wales now. Having been a festival veteran Cara is preparing to take to the stage Saint Giles Parish Church. Last year Cara shared the Central Station stage with singer-turned-presenter Charlotte Church.

However playing in such a strange venue doesn’t seem to faze 17-year-old Cara who said that she was more excited than daunted to play somewhere that would not often be the first choice for a music festival stage.

Cara said: “I don’t mind it, I was actually really excited when they told me and lots of people have been saying that it’s a bit weird playing in a church but I actually thought that it will be quite cool.

“I mean I have never played in a venue like that but I have sung with other people in choirs and stuff but never on my own, with amps a guitar and the sound system; it will be really good I hope. It’ll be just me and my guitar. It will seriously echoey but sometimes that makes it sound better.”

Like many of the other musicians at Focus Wales Cara will be hoping to build connections and meet like minded people at the Festival as well as being able to experience the vast array of music on offer.

“It builds my confidence anyway so the more times I perform and the more people I get to meet. I’ve met a lot more musicians and bands through Wrexham that are doing it, and I’m going to watch Houdini Dax who I saw last year and really liked.

Cara’s first music video You were Supposed to Like Me is available on youtube. The singer, who hopes to go to University next year to study music, says she would like to try and expand on what she does but the financial restraints of being a young musician can have adverse affects on creativity.



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