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Interview: The Black Diamond Express

The Black Diamond Express will tonight be taking to the Focus Wales set. The Edinburgh based eight-piece have been to Wrexham before for what they described as one of their favourite gigs and looked fondly on their time in the town.

They said: “It’s our first Focus Wales but it’s not our first time in Wrexham though. Last time we played at the Wrexham lager club and it was probably one of the best gigs we’ve ever done. It was a total blast. It was hilarious really good fun

When asked whether or not they think they can beat that night they added: “We hope so, absolutely it will have to try hard but I think that everybody is in the right frame of mind.”

Describing their music as a mix of Americana, Celtic and rock, the band members noticeably turned up to the interview dressed fully in suits, despite the days more casual feeling.

“I dunno, I got told to come to a gig and put a suit on. It’s been a series of one-upmanship as no one wants to be the scruffiest person in the band. If you look back to the 20s, 30s or 40s when the original blues musicians were about everyone was rocking their best suit cutting heads so that’s probably the reason.

“You’re putting yourself in front of people and you want to present yourself well. We’re not like a function band where everyone wears the same suit and tie there is no rules, you just dress as you feel comfortable.”

Anyone going to watch or listen to The Black Diamond Express can expect a show, with eight different performers it’s crucial not just to drift away into the background.

“We found that being smart does half of the work for you and when you pitch up to a venue people are thinking who are these guys before you even play a note. The music is though, ultimately the main thing.

“Visually there are guys who are very laid back and your slide player likes to sit back in a chair but there are other guys who just go for it, there’s a nice mix between that.

This more lively side of the Black Diamond Express has caused a bit of trouble and it was at this stage where a visual demonstration of how you can break a chair during a gig became necessary. Many moons ago the band would just ask for a chair for gigs only to have to correct it; they now ask for a sturdy chair.

You can find the Black Diamond Express on Twitter.  or on their Website: http://www.theblackdiamondexpress.com/


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