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Interview: We Were Giants

Tell us about your style. You guys are from Ireland? What sort of music do you play?

Colm O’Loughlin (Vocals / Guitar): It’s kind of heavy, sweet music. Nothing that would scare your mother or anything. It’s kind of Biffy Clyro and Foo Fighters married with singer / songwriter stuff. We listen to a lot of Sigur Ros, Biffy and Foo Fighters.

Stephen O’Loughlin (Guitar / Vocals): We take big riffs and quite aggressive music but, then Colm has a very sweet voice, a nice voice, so you kind of marry the two of them together and it creates something a bit different.

It sounds like quite a unique sound. Were you influenced by your surroundings in Ireland or did you have other influences?

Colm: I grew up listening to a lot of singer / songwriter music and playing songs on my own and those kind of slow songs that people wouldn’t listen to a full album of. Not my songs anyway! And then these guys would listen to a lot of heavier music…

Stephen: Me and Colm are brothers so it was kind of; I’m angry, he’s sad. Bringing them together.

Colm: We have a love hate relationship. We have a very short attention span so we like to make our songs interesting in that way, marrying soft with very aggressive between us. That’s kind of where we come from. A lot of nice harmonies. That’s how we roll.

Is this your first time in Wrexham and Focus Wales?

Colm: It’s our first time in Wrexham. We were a bit scared last night when we were walking around the streets and there was no-one there. We thought it was like Dawn of the Dead. Then we popped into Central Station and there was a real buzz there so we’re really looking forward to staying here for the next couple of days.

So you checked out some of the bands last night? Did that get you into the spirit?

Colm: Yeah, we walked into Central Station and the first thing we saw was this woman playing on a Gameboy on the stage and a big rabbit dancing around the place [Mizkai] and we thought, “Oh no! What have we got ourselves into?” But it was really interesting to see and listen to music like that. We wouldn’t normally listen to that kind of music but when you see it live and you see what they’re actually trying to do, it’s really interesting. And then you go into another room and there’s this heavy rock band playing.

Stephen: It’s pretty cool that there was a couple of different vibes going on last night.

Colm: It really reminded us of this thing that went on a couple of years ago in Dublin called Blast Beat and you’d go to a venue and there’d be three rooms. You’d walk in and around and there’d be different bands playing. We hadn’t had that experience in a while so it was good to go in and be able to pick what you want to listen to. It’s not in a big festival field where you have to trawl through mud and walk a mile to go and see the next band. It was cool.

What does it mean to be involved in something like Focus Wales?

Colm: I think it’s cool.

Stephen: It’s cool to get asked to play.

Colm: It’s a great platform, I think, for young bands like ourselves. There’s only so many times you can play the same local venues. And the fact that now we’ve got to come from Dublin over to Wales is something to put on the CV to show that we are a travelling band.

Stephen: From the outside there seems to be a really great scene here in Wales. There’s a lot of cool bands coming through so it’s great to be able to come over and see that as a real thing. To see what’s happening and that people are going to shows. It’s cool to be asked and to just see it happen, I guess.

Where and when are you guys playing at the festival?

Colm: We’re at Un Deg Un. We’re playing tonight at 9 o’ clock. We’re looking forward to that. We’ve got some new songs to play for people tonight so we’re looking forward to seeing what the reaction is to those.


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