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Is there enough support for bands – we asked Debbie Kate

Interview: Debbie Kate

Irish-singer songwriter Debbie Kate, is a folk and blues singer from Dublin. Taking inspiration from the likes of Alanis Morissette and Jool, Debbie is performing her second year at Focus Wales having previously played the first Focus Wales with her old band.

Debbie, 27, said: “Festivals like these bring so much, having panels set up and giving people insight into music industry and telling musicians exactly what they need to do, that’s the thing there’s so many musicians not tapping into what they can do.

“As a business as a product, the panels will be able to tell people what they can do and it’s really important, at the same time Focus Wales gives people the opportunity to play festivals when they wouldn’t normally get to play big events like this.

“As a solo musician this is definitely my biggest festival and it’s also great for the local people”.

A recurring theme throughout the day was that not many young musicians realise that they are entering into a business. Music is first and foremost a form of entertainment however for the people involved in the industry it could well be their livelihood.
Debbie added: “There’s lots of information online for what to do as a band but I think what is missing is the support for bands, what would be your managers and people like that.

“There’s a limit on what you can do, say you want to manage a band, but you’re just a normal individual but that funding and support access is just not there. Giving support to people who want to manage bands is lacking”.


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