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Interview: Little Arrow

little arrow

Little Arrow were back again to Focus Wales having last year played at the infamous Saint Giles’ Church. Needing a last minute alteration to their appearance Little Arrow played in front of the Catrin Finch Centre.

The band were due to play at Central Station but members Will Hughes and Callum Duggan had to attend a wedding so they had to move their set.

Will Hughes said: “Little Arrow is loud, folk, grunge and a bit spacey and a bit odd”.

A sentiment his bands mates agreed with.

Richard Chitty added: “It definitely had it’s roots in folk music but then we have a full band now whereas on the last couple of albums it was more folky where now we’re a big band sound. We’re changing it with what we can do”.

The band is now a five-piece but when Little Arrow first came from the mind of Hughes it was a chance for him to make music and meet some new people. Something that events like Focus Wales enable the now band to do.

Hughes said: “I went into one of the talks before we played but we arrived today so unfortunately haven’t had much time to experience Focus this year.”

He continued “Small festivals add a great deal to the area in terms of a sudden rush of culture and people.”

The band said that smaller festivals like Focus Wales give a chance for the people to experience the local music scene and commended the fact that Focus manages to look at the Welsh music scene more than other festivals.

“There’s loads of great Welsh bands, we mostly see the bands from South Wales and Cardiff but the nature of it is that the Welsh music scene isn’t huge but you get to know everyone”.


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