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Interview: Mowbird


Wrexham band Mowbird will be performing for a second time at Focus Wales have recently been signed to independent record label Popty Ping Records. The Welsh four piece have recently released a debut album and have their Islander EP out now as well.

They have also been working with South Wales based Shape Records who have been championing the Welsh music scene for some time now.

The band feel as though their relationship with Shape has been helping the Mowbirds go from strength-to-strength and since they began their partnership they have done their own UK tour as well as appearing on a 6Music session.

Having been based in Wrexham the band have seen Focus grow, and despite members moving around the country still know the importance of festivals like Focus.

Ben, Mowbird Singer-guitarist, said: “It’s amazing we played the very first one and that was well early in our bands history and we ended up going to play Swn festival, a couple of years on the bounce and Camden Call, all which were really great experiences.

“Then to come back play in your home town and seeing it run by people who know what they are doing is great, it’s seemed to have picked the whole town up.”

Mowbird have grown as a band since their first Focus Wales outing and have seen some similarities in the way that the festival and the band have grown.

Ben said: “There’s a little bit of parallel going on. When we played the first year it was pretty quiet and gigs in Wrexham can be very poorly attended. Focus just brings people in from everywhere. There’s people from Liverpool, Manchester, South Wales, all wanting to come to Wrexham.”

The band have been regulars in Wales and feel a strong connection with the Welsh music scene. Despite finding that their is more chance to play in England they say that their Welsh gigs have been some of their best to date.

Suzanne, Mowbird keyboardist said: “As well as being linked with Wrexham we have quite strong links with Newport and Cardiff, Ben who writes the music on a beginning level was in Newport when the band started and playing a lot in Cardiff it’s another natural home for us which is nice.”

Mowbird play at Central Station and would describe themselves as “Fuzzy pop” they say that as they progress they are getting more poppy. Check out Mowbird at mowbird.bandcamp.com


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