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Maydays to rock Focus and Chester.


Wrexham-based The Maydays will be playing Focus Wales. It’s due to be a huge year for the Maydays who will also be playing Chester Rocks in June alongside bands such as Razorlight, The Feeling and The Suns.

Looking forward to playing Chester the Maydays are preparing to play at their second Focus Wales.

“It’s a good chance to play to local fans and the likes, if you’re doing gigs in Manchester and Liverpool it’s hard for them to get to places so it’s nice to play locally.” said Maydays singer Keano Jones.

Alec ‘Knoxy’ Knox, Maydays drummer, added: “also because there’s acts from all over the world people who don’t usually come out to watch music do and also people from other areas come with their bands and if they like you they spread it all over their area.”

The band were pleased with the Focus Wales panels and said that small festivals like Focus and Chester Rocks will give them a chance to get their name out there and give industry experts their sample disks.

Having been played on BBC Radio Shropshire, Radio Wales, and local radio the Maydays increasing reach has also expanded into the footballing scene as Everton Football Club used one of their songs for a compilation video.

Fantastic lyricists the Maydays play songs that really reach to the modern 21st Century audience. Songs such as Googlewhack and Whiskey and Beer will really be intune with the modern audience and the Maydays hope to portray a positive feeling.

Last year more than 2000 people went to Chester Rocks and this year they will be hoping to sell 5000. Playing their biggest gig isn’t going to faze the Maydays and drummer Knoxy says that it’s not just about knowing their songs, the band also need to put on a show.

He said: “It’s massive for us and we’ve been working on looking professional on stage. We know the songs but we want to have them nailed so we can look the part because we’re playing alongside Razorlight and people like that”.

Taking inspirations from bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Libertines and more The Maydays will be hoping to provide an uplifting show for the music-lovers at Focus Wales.

He added: “None of us are the most gifted musicians really but it works what we do, it’s nice and simple and people like it. You can’t ignore that it makes you feel happy, people walk into our gigs and think woah”

Check out the Maydays on Facebook or twitter. They will be performing on Friday 25 at South, Wrexham. They will also be at Chester Rocks on Saturday June 7.


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