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Preview: The Hedge Gods

Describing themselves as “contemporary acoustic dance fusion” specialists the Hedge Gods will be taking place at the Leader Stage in Queen’s Square Wrexham, Saturday April 26. The three-piece band specialise in more relaxed dance music that will make the listener want to move, whether it’s in the streets of Wrexham or in your home listening to songs such as Cheeky Disco Beaver or Cockney Geometry.

The Welsh-based band hail from Old Colwyn, North Wales, and brought their mixture of musical styles together back in 2012.

Notably set up with a guitar, percussion and double bass (because a bass doesn’t quite cut it) the Hedge Gods can also portray themselves in a more acoustic light. Songs such as Flying Ant seem to have a more sombre bluesy tone with the guitar cutting through the percussion and harking back to the scales of your favourite blues guitarists.

Not quite content with feeling like it a call back to the blues relics Flying Ant manages to live up to it’s label of “Acoustic Mayhem” by breaking out into a more dancey and upbeat style that listeners of the Hedge Gods will be more familiar with.

Throughout their songs it becomes apparent that the Hedge Gods enjoy trying to defy musical classifications and whilst at times they feel as though they could be picked up from the 1960s era of Skiffle, the music that inspired the likes of a young John Lennon, the band seem to have catapulted the musical style into the modern day.

For more information about the Hedge Gods you can find them on Facebook or listen to their music on Soundcloud. They will be playing today (Saturday April 26) at 5:00pm in Queen’s Square, Wrexham.



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