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Victorian Hardware: The Black Commute

Victorian Hardware’s The Black Commute is a tranquil yet sometimes melancholy synthesizer album. The album has a mix of tones and sounds that have been developed since Victorian Hardware was a teenager across in Ireland. A mixture of innocent, almost naive sounds and strong synthesizer The Black Commute was Victorian Hardware’s first album before the 2013 release Muckyland.

Creating a mixture of classic electronica, rock, and industrial music The Black Commute likes to keep the listener active. At times the mood can feel slightly subdued but when the heavier synthesizer beats kick in, especially during songs such as Demon’s Tail, you’re kept listening. Notably Demon’s Tail is the first point in the album in which you actually hear someone speak, before then we’re kept waiting with just the sound of the experimental synth to keep us company,

After taking a one track break we’re once again welcomed the touch of a human voice in Assassin. Albeit a distorted and slightly eery human voice it’s one that adds to the darker tones of The Black Commute. 

Denbigh, unlike the Welsh town, is filled with slightly heavier guitar-driven sounds that the earlier parts of the album. The Synth seems to take a back seat with Victorian Hardware’s rock-driven roots shining through whilst a more demure synthesizer seems to churn out a beat in the background occasionally shining through.


Throughout his musical career, Victorian Hardware, who has performed under many different stage names and guises, has played before gritty DJs to the well-known British rockers Kasabian.

My overall take away from the album is that Victorian Hardware likes to experiment, he likes to be experimental and draw the listener in. Whilst it is a synthesizer based album it feels raw, it doesn’t feel overly dancey which I tend to think of when I first hear synthesizer but it feels mellow, almost melancholic. A definite listen.

Victorian Hardware’s The Black Commute is due to be remasters and released laterthis year. If you want to hear more from Victorian Hardware then you can find him on Reverbnation, Soundcloud, or head to his website: http://www.victorianhardwaremusic.com/


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