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The Maydays – 2007’s indie with a 2014 twist.

It’s not too often that you listen to a band and think that you should go back and give their tracks another listen. Yet somehow the Maydays Googlewhack makes you want to go and explore them some more, it starts off well considering a song with such an obscure name sticks with you.

A mixture of styles, the Maydays definitely leave their mark on the listener. The speedy vocals of singer Keano Jones, and the guitar driven, drum heavy music seems to feel quintessentially British. It’s the kind of music that even if it were devoid of vocals then you would think of it as British, almost Brit-pop-esque harking back to the great battles between Oasis and Blur.

The band said they were influenced by the Libertines and this certainly felt as though it came through in songs such as Supplies the light, they both share that modern British rock sound with rapid, yet memorable vocals that would make the listener want to sing along even after the song has long finished.

The Wrexham-based five piece is fronted by two brothers, singer Keano and guitarist Nick. Donning their skinny jeans and flat caps the band were formed in 2007 and have been bringing their style of upbeat indie to the areas around Wrexham and the UK ever since.

Their latest released E.P. ‘The Real Quiz‘ comes with topics that will relate to a 21st Century British audience with a vocal style reminiscent of proper mid-2000s indie. Before skinny jeans, and tweezed beards became popular on TV talent shows. Although I can see similarities in style between the Maydays and Missing Andy – best known for being on Sky One’s Must Be The Music in 2011.

When asked about their music style singer Keano said: “It’s hard to say, it’s just upbeat and catchy” whilst Maydays drummer Knoxy added “it’s happy. it’s easy to listen to, none of us are the most gifted musicians but it works, it’s nice and simple. You can’t ignore it makes you happy.”

You can check out the Maydays on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, or Bandcamp.


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