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Museum hopes to move home

Bradshaw House

Top: Mr Ian Doughty, Mr Bob Owen; Bottom: Diane Ritherdon, Mrs Fiona Bruce, Mr Mike Warke, Mr Ron Renshaw

A Cheshire Museum is looking to raise money to help them move to a new home and continue their expansion.

Congleton Museum has recently been successful in a £1.9 million bid to move to larger premises at Bradshaw House. Their success was sent to them by email from Cheshire East and was shown to MP Fiona Bruce as she visited the museum’s strategy board.

Ian Doughty, Chair of Trustees, said: “It will be a long road, but one well worth traveling.”

The museum will hope that the plans, a relatively ambitious project, will be able to strengthen the town’s heritage, as well as establishing Congleton as an important visitor attraction in the historic county of Cheshire.

They will be looking for sponsorship to help fund the £1.9 million project, and the museum currently have several sponsors that are displayed at the entrance. Multi-national company Siemens have already pledged their support to the project.

Mike Warke, vice chair of trustees and Business Development Manager, said: “This will be a cultural centre for the people of Congleton and its surroundings.”

Congleton Museum is currently the largest museum in East Cheshire, and their new home at Bradshaw House would provide the museum with at least 150 per cent of the exhibition space they currently have.

Currently Congleton Museum hosts a number of visitors from all across the globe with visitor book entries from Ohio, Almere (Holland), and even Perth in Australia.


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