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Is there a better way to travel?

We all love little Easter Eggs on Google, whether you want to ask it to do a barrel roll or you have decided to head on over to Youtube to type in “Do the Harlem Shake” it’s the little things on the internet that seem to keep us mildly amused whilst we procrastinate from our lives.

For the Welsh fanatics out there, or just people who enjoy a joke every now and then I suggest you head on over to Google Maps and search the directions for Snowdon to Brecon Beacons. You might be in for a pleasant shock.

Anyone too lazy to actually head to Google Maps might find this relatively amusing:


So if you don’t quite fancy travelling the 122 miles in the conventional setting Google now offers you a 21 minute route by dragon. Although travelling in  excess of 300 miles per hour may not be the safest way to travel through the Welsh countryside.

Google Maps has long been a source of procrastination humour since the days it used to suggest Jet Skiing across the Atlantic Ocean as a viable way to get to America from the UK. The newest addition was announced via Google’s Facebook page on May 31.

Other notable Google brand Easter Eggs include searching Beam Me Up Scotting into Youtube which sees the videos appear as if they were actually in the Star Trek franchise.

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