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Calm Down the Amazon is going nowhere – yet

Many of you will have seen the recent uproar over the Paddy Power advertising campaign. The Irish firm circulated a picture of the Amazon rainforest with a difference. The forest looked as though part of it had been cut down to show support of England’s upcoming World Cup Campaign.

Picture: PaddyPower

The Viral marketing campaign caused outrage on social media where users thought that the convincing picture was actually the Irish Betting Firm having cut down the rainforest as an advert. The bookies, known for their lavish advertising campaign then published a blog post saying that they had not cut down the rainforest but have instead used a team of graphics designers to make the picture look realistic.

It’s not the first time Paddy Power has decided to take an unusual approach to advertising as the company previously capitalised on the “Moyes out” campaign by flying their own banner over Old Trafford.

So who else has used viral marketing and the digital age for a bit of viral marketing?

If you haven’t yet seen the campaign by marketer Adam Pacitti then I’d be surprised. In 2012 Adam rose to internet fame when he allegedly spent his last £500 to buy a billboard advertising his site EmployAdam.

EmployAdam wasn’t just an internet sensation but gained the then 24-year old graduate national attention in newspapers such as The Sun and even featured on Sky and ITV news. The campaign, including a video, eventually led to Pacitti being employed and a new billboard explaining the success of the campaign.

Another high profile viral campaign, albeit not official, was by comedian Tom Ridgewell. When still a student Ridgewell decided to use his media knowledge to make an unofficial advert for his university; which was later banned.

Ridgewell decided that, like most students, procrastination is the best way to spend your time during University and decided to make a spoof advert in which the lead shoots student zombies.

Starting off like every other University adverts no one quite saw the twist coming.

What are your favourite viral marketing campaigns? Comment Below.


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