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From Glasto to Llangollen

east-india-youth-lgeLondon-based musician East India Youth originally hails from sunny Bournemouth but decided to name his one-man musical project after his flat and his adopted homeland in the English capital.

Having previously appeared at the Llangollen Fringe Festival with indie band Doyle & the Fourfathers, and in 2013 with Sycamore Lights, William Doyle will now be performing his solo set in the 2014 festival.

Doyle’s new project looks to take a style of electro music to the Welsh fringe festival combining it with a more rocky tone whilst hoping to create a beach-boys like sound. Doyle’s music is influenced by the likes of Brian Eno, Tim Heck, and Bjork.

His new album Total Strife Forever was released earlier this year from a specially formed record company spearheaded by The Quietus editor John Doran. Doran had previously said he would never form a record company. The album was also named as the Sunday Times album of the month.

East India Youth (EIY) is also due to perform twice this weekend at Glastonbury and can be found at a variety of festivals this summer including the Green Man festival and Latitude.

EIY will be supported at the Llangollen Fringe Festival by experimental Wrexham-based band Baron La Croix and Jack Found, a musician who learnt his trade at Cheltham’s School of Music, in Manchester.

Tickets are available for just £7.50 from here or by calling the Fringe box office: 0800 1455 779

Full listings Tickets for the whole Festival are on sale now; priced at just £80 the festival ticket allows access to all of the main events across the ten days so is great value for money and is available here: http://www.llangollenfringe.co.uk/index.php/en/




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