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Liverpool: Giant Spectacular

To commemorate the 14-18 movement and the 100 year anniversary of the first world war Liverpool hosted a piece of quintessential British street art on a whole new scale as three giant marionettes took to the streets of the city. More than one million people have been confirmed to have attended the parade of the … Continue reading

Top Sites to Procrastinate To

Procrastination – one thing that we all aim to avoid but somehow it’s always oh so tempting to take a stop off at procrastination station on the way through to productivity island, but what are the best websites in order to help you avoid doing any work – well aside your your facebook, twitter, tumblr, … Continue reading

Graduated? What lies ahead?

So the ongoing battle against graduate life hots up. It’s been 22 days since leaving the cushy world of university life and I’m definitely starting to wonder why people would ever avoid having tasks and goals each day? Okay so you can set things for yourself to do – I find that setting a desired … Continue reading

Things Graduates Hear

After finishing university and being pushed into the outside world there are a few themes that seem to crop up oh so often, they seem to be the bane of the facebook status and the trials and tribulations of the tweeter but what are the most common things graduates hear? Experience This first one is … Continue reading

Get more from Tumblr

Hey good people. If you have a tumblr well you can head on over there for every up-to-date post from OnTheFence, it means you can like, reblog, and share anything from here until your heart is content. You may also realise that there is now even more chance to share stuff from each post! I’m … Continue reading

Sad to see you Gove

This week has seen David Cameron’s dramatic cabinet reshuffle. Dubbed the cull of the middle-aged white man Cameron has aimed to add more women into his cabinet in the run up to the 2015 general election. One casualty of the 2014 reshuffle has been the divisive Education Secretary Michael Gove who has left his post … Continue reading

Update: Blog additions

Some of you may have noticed a few changes to the blog that have happened today. The home page now has a featured page section and there are more images on the homepage. There’s also a new “comment” section where opinion pieces can go. In the coming days there may well also be a lifestyle … Continue reading

The Germany Story

With Germany winning the 2014 World Cup this new generation have been described as one of the best groups of players to emerge from a broken great. It’s been a long final free 12 years for Germany, who were World Cup runners up in 2002. The winning goal for Germany showed the start of a new … Continue reading

Viral News: £150K bid looms over dress.

Unusual lots have been a hit on internet auction site e-bay and now this Loom Band dress is looking to sell fore more than £150,000 in Prestatyn, Wales. For anyone wanting a bit of local perspective, if the bid is real that could get you a three bedroom house in the Denbighshire town.  If you fancy looking … Continue reading

Mock The Week star to perform at Llangollen Fringe

Mock the Week funny-man Gary Delaney will be performing at the Llangollen Town Hall in a double billed set alongside fellow comedian Paul Sinha. Delaney, best known for appearing on the BBC Two panel show is a quick-witted comic whose series of one-liners will leave the audience struggling to remember the sheer quantity of jokes heard … Continue reading