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Top Sites to Procrastinate To

jumpers for goalposts

Procrastination – one thing that we all aim to avoid but somehow it’s always oh so tempting to take a stop off at procrastination station on the way through to productivity island, but what are the best websites in order to help you avoid doing any work – well aside your your facebook, twitter, tumblr, and here of course.

Whilst no doubt more and more of us find ourselves reaching into our phone to plough through our free time on apps such as Angry Birds, Temple Run, and 2048 there’s still the good old-fashioned excel and flash games we grew to love as kids.


Infuriating and addicting the shockwave-based website iSketch is based on the popular game pictionary. Basically someone draws something and a frustrated group of people sit there shouting, well typing, our all sorts of colourful suggestions.

Whilst you can waste time playing with complete strangers my recommendation would be to find a group of friends or any other people, set up your own private game and spend endless hours mocking the people who simply cannot draw – myself included.

So it may look a bit primitive and has certainly changed a lot over the years and might suffer a lot with random and somewhat pointless trolling but it’s still a good place to kill a few minutes albeit you’ll probably want to tear your hair out.

Jumpers for Goalposts

Another oldie but another good one. Jumpers for Goalposts will appeal to the football fans amongst you and is now well into its fourth incarnation of the series – excluding the 1990s throwback version.

Starting as an unemployed footballer your goal is to complete challenges and earn points meaning that you can earn a contract and make your way up the footballing ladder to one of the nation’s top clubs as well as winning international glory.

Having started off simply with volleys Jumpers for Goalposts now tests out your passing ability, free kick taking, shot taking and more.

Suffering a bit from if it’s not broke don’t fix it the most enjoyable part of Jumpers for Goalposts – the volleys – were also added into the Playforyourclub website which now just seems more enjoyable.

Okay so this game is a bit too addictive and I may have killed three hours one night whilst slowly writing this – hey – I had to procrastinate!

Another one from Mousebreaker for the football fan is the football heads game. Dangerously simplistic, you take control of a jumping “head” that represents your favourite Premier League team and come up against the other heads. Various different match-day layouts pose a different challenge to the user. Each match is a minute long meaning it’s less of  a time vacuum.

2048 – versions

Okay so this one is a little bit of a cheeky option because it’s also a phone app. But all the different versions of the popular phone-based game available on all the 2048 can quite easily find yourself slipping into an hour or two.

I found the Pokémon version to be ridiculously addictive and riddled with nostalgia although I could quite manage to get myself past the Blastoise stage. In case anyone is wondering instead of numbers – so 2 -> 4 -> 8 you go Bulbsaur -> Ivysaur and so on.

What websites guide you through your procrastination? Have you experienced any of the above? Have you reached the heights of 2048? Comment below.


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Journalist and football fan. Once described as "politically correct to almost a fault" and "the worst kind of socialist". Always writing, inconsistently blogging.


One thought on “Top Sites to Procrastinate To

  1. Used to play on iSketch.net but the adminds would kick everyone

    Posted by Anonymous | July 26, 2014, 2:55 pm

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