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Moving Away to Uni – What to Do?


So it’s September time and for many young people that means one thing – back to education – or one thing in particular – the start of university, three years of your life that can very well see you make some friends for life.

Your first year, or even your first week can seem somewhat daunting and it can seem a little overwhelming when you first arrive in that little room, maybe even a city that before hand you weren’t even familiar with.

Meet all the people!

No, seriously, don’t be afraid to meet people, talk to them, see who they are and what they’re doing, the people in your halls are probably in the same boat as you, moving away from their familiar settings having to meet entirely new people as well.

Leave your door open. It’s almost a cliché but if you leave your door open then people will see you as more welcoming, a little knock at the door and poking your head around is much less scary for an introduction than a bolted door taking five minutes to answer – it can also set early boundaries with your flatmates.

Grow to love your halls

Okay, so not every university halls is a state-of-the-art hospitality complex, and you might have missed out on your first choice. It may seem like the end of the world or you might think your desired accommodation doesn’t live up to your expectations. Give it time, I remember thinking my accommodation felt a little outdated but ended up growing to love the place.


My room in first year

And of course living with people can seem a bit frustrating at times. We’ve all heard horror stories about someone leaving the milk out on the side of the kitchen or stealing that last teabag when they’ve run out (how British?) but at the end of the day it’s not the end of the world.

Think Sensible

So it may well be your first week away from home and it’s easy to see the first week with a Freshers’ mindset, it doesn’t matter right? Well actually those meetings and talks in the day time could be quite helpful, it might not pay off to spend the morning cradling a hangover.

That doesn’t mean don’t enjoy yourself though. In your first week of your first year it’s a good chance to get to know everyone and let your hair down, you’ll be meeting so many people that it’s easy to get bogged down but you just have to go with the flow.

Been to university? What would be your advice to potential first year students for their first week? Comment below


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