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Remembrance in Crewe

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Speaking about remembrance Councillor Michael Jones said: “An absolutely great turnout, the weather stayed dry, and a very emotional ceremony to commemorate a hundred years but also the new poppy, fantastic.
“I mean it’s great that we have such a thing to commemorate a hundred years such an iconic memorial. Not in any way to out shadow that one that is in the memorial square, the renamed memorial square, but the poppy itself, the symbolism, I think it’s great.
“It’s quite a perfect setting and it’s great for Crewe but good for Cheshire East.”
Cllr Jones continued: “We thought where are we going to put it, we knew we were going to do a poppy, we thought of all the obvious places Tatton etc, we’ve got the eternal flame at Tatton which goes on for the entire breadth of the commemoration of the first world war.”
“And we thought, well, our biggest town and we should put it here, and I think it’s right, and you know Crewe is our biggest town, it’s a growing town with lots of good news about it, HS2 and the new developments seem to be going forward.
“There seems to be news on the new town centre going forward, all these things are fantastic. It’s the right thing to do, A to call it Memorial Square, and B to make sure we actually have the Poppy the way it should be.
“It was the right choice and the right location and I must say Oscars has done a fantastic job, I think the setting is perfect and it will stand the test of time.
“We are certainly very committed in Cheshire East to commemorating every major battle that Cheshire regiments are involved in, so we’ve done the relief of Basra last month for example and we see this to be important.
“Cheshire is a good county for the Country and we’ve always had soldiers involved in wars and we are a strong national proud county and I think it’s important that we know that people, soldiers are out there, dying, almost every year, and Cheshire has people fighting for us every year, so we should never forget.
“And commemorating it is the right thing to do, and Cheshire is very good, I mean you know I was at a ceremony with 600 people on Sunday and there was a thousand people here and you know we commemorate Poppy Day the right way.
“We do care and we do remember and we care about those doing it now and we get humbled by it, the word should be, we are humbled by the efforts soldiers make.”


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