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I’m a writer, not a fighter. Freelancer, NCTJ student and comedian. Write for the Mirror, 411mania, the Denbighshire Free Press and more.
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Interview: The Bluebottle Veins

Tell us about the Bluebottle Veins and the style of music you play. Gareth Jones (Guitar / Vocals): The band’s been going for about two years now. We sort of play Indie Blues Rock, that’s probably the closest description. Steven Owen (Bass): I don’t think you need the Indie really. I reckon it’s just Blues … Continue reading

Interview: Aled Rheon

You’re from Cardiff? Is this your first time in Wrexham? Yeah, I’m having a really good time in Wrexham. It’s my first time in Wrexham. Tell us about what it means to be involved in something like Focus Wales. It’s great to be involved in Focus Wales. It’s a showcase of great talent from all … Continue reading

Interview: Thomas Jonnson of I’m Kingfisher

Tell us about I’m Kingfisher. What is your style and your influences? It’s an American sounding thing. It’s basically just me and my guitar, although on the albums I’m playing with more arrangements but when I’m touring… I used to play with a band once but that was a long while ago. I like to … Continue reading

Interview: Steve Nicholls, Guitarist for Baby Brave and Camera / Managing Director of Drum With Our Hands

Tell us about your role in the festival and how you’re involved. Well, I’m just playing in the bands and actually me and my friend run a small record label, Drum With Our Hands. We had the stage last night, we did a stage.  Okay, so you helped to book all the bands on that … Continue reading

Interview: Kyle Lee of The Mexican Walking Fish and Gintis

Tell us about the Mexican Walking Fish.  The Mexican Walking Fish are a country / indie band originally based in Bangor but now we’re all scattered around North Wales. It’s sort of Bright Eyes, Ocaville River, that type of music. We’ve got a mariachi section as well, so it’s very Spaghetti Western. What inspired you … Continue reading

Interview: We Were Giants

Tell us about your style. You guys are from Ireland? What sort of music do you play? Colm O’Loughlin (Vocals / Guitar): It’s kind of heavy, sweet music. Nothing that would scare your mother or anything. It’s kind of Biffy Clyro and Foo Fighters married with singer / songwriter stuff. We listen to a lot … Continue reading

Interview: Andy Jones, Music booker for Focus Wales 2014

Tell us the thinking behind the festival and behind the bands you’ve booked. Really, we’re a non-genre specific festival so we’re here to support everybody in Wales who’s making music that needs a platform to showcase what they’re about and what they’re doing. We’ve found through our own experiences as the festival organisers – we … Continue reading

Focus Wales 2014: Night One @ Central Station, Wrexham

Focus Wales 2014 officially kicks off with an eclectic bill of ten recording artists across two stages at Central Station in Wrexham. Art rockers Blood Lips get things started with their experimental indie rock. The 3-piece prove to be multi-instrumentalists, with the two guitarists also playing keyboards and all the members sharing vocal duties, fitting … Continue reading