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Moving Away to Uni – What to Do?

So it’s September time and for many young people that means one thing – back to education – or one thing in particular – the start of university, three years of your life that can very well see you make some friends for life. Your first year, or even your first week can seem somewhat … Continue reading

Thinking of a Staycation Think Wales

  As we’re part way through the summer now many people will be looking for those last minute holiday ideas and as the idea of a “Staycation” – a holiday where you stay in the UK – grows, North Wales is an increasingly popular place to visit and most certainly has some hidden gems dotted … Continue reading

Five places to visit in North Wales

Having spent my university life in North Wales it was easy to just sail through the three years watching it go by and not really enjoying the local surroundings. Especially having grown up in the North of England where everyone and their Gran seems to have visited the Welsh coast as a weekend getaway or … Continue reading

Offbeat Brewery – Firsty Friday Festival

A little known gem not too far away from the centre of Crewe Offbeat Brewery is a micro-brewery just off-set from the main road. Opening once a month, on Thomas Street, near the Cumberland Sports ground, the brewery throws a main event every August called the Firsty Friday Festival. The festival runs over the course … Continue reading

Graduated? What lies ahead?

So the ongoing battle against graduate life hots up. It’s been 22 days since leaving the cushy world of university life and I’m definitely starting to wonder why people would ever avoid having tasks and goals each day? Okay so you can set things for yourself to do – I find that setting a desired … Continue reading

Things Graduates Hear

After finishing university and being pushed into the outside world there are a few themes that seem to crop up oh so often, they seem to be the bane of the facebook status and the trials and tribulations of the tweeter but what are the most common things graduates hear? Experience This first one is … Continue reading