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Get more from Tumblr

Hey good people. If you have a tumblr well you can head on over there for every up-to-date post from OnTheFence, it means you can like, reblog, and share anything from here until your heart is content. You may also realise that there is now even more chance to share stuff from each post! I’m … Continue reading

Update: Blog additions

Some of you may have noticed a few changes to the blog that have happened today. The home page now has a featured page section and there are more images on the homepage. There’s also a new “comment” section where opinion pieces can go. In the coming days there may well also be a lifestyle … Continue reading

The Germany Story

With Germany winning the 2014 World Cup this new generation have been described as one of the best groups of players to emerge from a broken great. It’s been a long final free 12 years for Germany, who were World Cup runners up in 2002. The winning goal for Germany showed the start of a new … Continue reading

Interview: The Bluebottle Veins

Tell us about the Bluebottle Veins and the style of music you play. Gareth Jones (Guitar / Vocals): The band’s been going for about two years now. We sort of play Indie Blues Rock, that’s probably the closest description. Steven Owen (Bass): I don’t think you need the Indie really. I reckon it’s just Blues … Continue reading

Interview: Steve Nicholls, Guitarist for Baby Brave and Camera / Managing Director of Drum With Our Hands

Tell us about your role in the festival and how you’re involved. Well, I’m just playing in the bands and actually me and my friend run a small record label, Drum With Our Hands. We had the stage last night, we did a stage.  Okay, so you helped to book all the bands on that … Continue reading