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University e-mail goes viral

Glyndwr University students will have awoken today and checked their e-mail to see quite a surprise. An apparent Chester FC fan had been able to hack into the School of Undergraduate studies and e-mail the entirety of the student population with an anti-Wrexham AFC chant. Warning: Contains Swearing The University were quick to ensure students … Continue reading

Interview: Steve Nicholls, Guitarist for Baby Brave and Camera / Managing Director of Drum With Our Hands

Tell us about your role in the festival and how you’re involved. Well, I’m just playing in the bands and actually me and my friend run a small record label, Drum With Our Hands. We had the stage last night, we did a stage.  Okay, so you helped to book all the bands on that … Continue reading

Interview: Cara Hammond

Welsh Singer Cara Hammond is preparing for her third year at Focus Wales now. Having been a festival veteran Cara is preparing to take to the stage Saint Giles Parish Church. Last year Cara shared the Central Station stage with singer-turned-presenter Charlotte Church. However playing in such a strange venue doesn’t seem to faze 17-year-old … Continue reading

Musicians need a “PhD in Google Analytics”

Smaller Independent musicians can make money utilizing Spotify says Bryan Johnson. Speaking at Focus Wales, Johnson said that “whether it’s 10, 100, or 100 sales any artist can make money from Spotify”. The Spotify artists pages can now link through to merchandise sales allowing the smaller artists to get themselves out there. Spotify can also be … Continue reading

Effi performs at Focus Wales

Austrian singer Effi, today, performed at Glyndwr University’s Catrin Finch Centre as part of the Focus Wales performances. Effi was delighting the crowd with an eclectic mix of guitar, ukulele, and kazoo performed in a uplifting way just before the key note address from Alan McGee. Effi had never been to the UK before and became … Continue reading