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Focus Wales 2015: Early Bird on Sale Now

Early-bird tickets for the Focus Wales 2015 music festival and conference are now on sale. This will the the fifth birthday for Focus Wales and as such the music festival will be running a series of surprise events which will be announced later in the year. Focus Wales 2015 will take place between April 22 … Continue reading

Five places to visit in North Wales

Having spent my university life in North Wales it was easy to just sail through the three years watching it go by and not really enjoying the local surroundings. Especially having grown up in the North of England where everyone and their Gran seems to have visited the Welsh coast as a weekend getaway or … Continue reading

Viral News: £150K bid looms over dress.

Unusual lots have been a hit on internet auction site e-bay and now this Loom Band dress is looking to sell fore more than £150,000 in Prestatyn, Wales. For anyone wanting a bit of local perspective, if the bid is real that could get you a three bedroom house in the Denbighshire town.  If you fancy looking … Continue reading

Mock The Week star to perform at Llangollen Fringe

Mock the Week funny-man Gary Delaney will be performing at the Llangollen Town Hall in a double billed set alongside fellow comedian Paul Sinha. Delaney, best known for appearing on the BBC Two panel show is a quick-witted comic whose series of one-liners will leave the audience struggling to remember the sheer quantity of jokes heard … Continue reading

From Glasto to Llangollen

London-based musician East India Youth originally hails from sunny Bournemouth but decided to name his one-man musical project after his flat and his adopted homeland in the English capital. Having previously appeared at the Llangollen Fringe Festival with indie band Doyle & the Fourfathers, and in 2013 with Sycamore Lights, William Doyle will now be … Continue reading

Best-selling Hollywood author to perform at Llangollen Fringe

The best-selling author of books such as The Men Who Stare at Goats and The Psychopath Test is to appear at this year’s Llangollen Fringe Festival in July. Jon Ronson, the man who wrote the novel that paved the way for the 2009 Hollywood blockbuster, will be presenting his new one-man show Frank. The show has already been made into another … Continue reading

Focus on festival costs not travel costs

Wrexham-based music festival Focus Wales have teamed up with the organisers of Wakestock Gwyl y Mor to bring festival-goers the Focus by the Sea stage this summer. As well as providing festival fans a new stage of eclectic Welsh music, the Focus team have teamed up with The Big Green Coach Company to provide a … Continue reading

Is there a better way to travel?

We all love little Easter Eggs on Google, whether you want to ask it to do a barrel roll or you have decided to head on over to Youtube to type in “Do the Harlem Shake” it’s the little things on the internet that seem to keep us mildly amused whilst we procrastinate from our … Continue reading

Review: Alice in Wonderland on a sunny Welsh night

On a Saturday night in sunny Wales (actually sunny, for once) I didn’t quite imagine that I would find myself sat in an auditorium about to watch Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass but that’s exactly what I found myself doing. I can’t pretend that I knew the stories the best, in fact … Continue reading

Victorian Hardware: The Black Commute

Victorian Hardware’s The Black Commute is a tranquil yet sometimes melancholy synthesizer album. The album has a mix of tones and sounds that have been developed since Victorian Hardware was a teenager across in Ireland. A mixture of innocent, almost naive sounds and strong synthesizer The Black Commute was Victorian Hardware’s first album before the 2013 release Muckyland. … Continue reading