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Top Five Football Games

So we’re at the season where the big guns release their newest iteration of their titles – keen gamers wait for the latest Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA to hit the shelves ahead of Football Manager in November. And for years the debate between Pro Evo (or PES) and FIFA players has rumbled on with … Continue reading

Football Manager 15

So the latest edition of one of the most addictive games around has been out just over a week now and it’s safe to say it lives up to the hype Sports Interactive have created for themselves. For years football management games seemed to be part of the seedy under-belly of the football simulation games, … Continue reading

Britpop rockers heading to Words & Music Fest

The Words & Music festival, Nantwich, is just over a month away and alongside a UK-wide Britpop revival the festival will be hoping to see the classic rock-driven music genre come back to life. The Words & Music festival takes place in Nantwich, Cheshire, between October 6 and October 12 and champions all things music … Continue reading

Focus Wales 2015: Early Bird on Sale Now

Early-bird tickets for the Focus Wales 2015 music festival and conference are now on sale. This will the the fifth birthday for Focus Wales and as such the music festival will be running a series of surprise events which will be announced later in the year. Focus Wales 2015 will take place between April 22 … Continue reading

Top Sites to Procrastinate To

Procrastination – one thing that we all aim to avoid but somehow it’s always oh so tempting to take a stop off at procrastination station on the way through to productivity island, but what are the best websites in order to help you avoid doing any work – well aside your your facebook, twitter, tumblr, … Continue reading

Best-selling Hollywood author to perform at Llangollen Fringe

The best-selling author of books such as The Men Who Stare at Goats and The Psychopath Test is to appear at this year’s Llangollen Fringe Festival in July. Jon Ronson, the man who wrote the novel that paved the way for the 2009 Hollywood blockbuster, will be presenting his new one-man show Frank. The show has already been made into another … Continue reading

Review: Alice in Wonderland on a sunny Welsh night

On a Saturday night in sunny Wales (actually sunny, for once) I didn’t quite imagine that I would find myself sat in an auditorium about to watch Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass but that’s exactly what I found myself doing. I can’t pretend that I knew the stories the best, in fact … Continue reading

Saturday At Focus: What’s On!

As we reach the final day of Focus Wales, Wrexham will once again be bustling with bands, musicians and more. The four-day festival has this year been spread across 16 stages and will see more than 150 bands perform in a unique spread of venues including pubs, the University and the now famous Saint Giles’ … Continue reading

Interview: Kyle Lee of The Mexican Walking Fish and Gintis

Tell us about the Mexican Walking Fish.  The Mexican Walking Fish are a country / indie band originally based in Bangor but now we’re all scattered around North Wales. It’s sort of Bright Eyes, Ocaville River, that type of music. We’ve got a mariachi section as well, so it’s very Spaghetti Western. What inspired you … Continue reading

Musicians need a “PhD in Google Analytics”

Smaller Independent musicians can make money utilizing Spotify says Bryan Johnson. Speaking at Focus Wales, Johnson said that “whether it’s 10, 100, or 100 sales any artist can make money from Spotify”. The Spotify artists pages can now link through to merchandise sales allowing the smaller artists to get themselves out there. Spotify can also be … Continue reading